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Worms Like to Wiggle

This book was originally published in 2007 by Curriculum Enrichment Publications by Betsy Peters as a teaching tool to use with her autistic and other special needs students. The book was specifically written to help teach birth-8 years about all the subjects Betsy wanted to cover in one book. Subjects like colors, numbers, rhyming, reading, animals, and a variety of other things!


If you would like to own you're own copy, please contact me and I'll get one in the mail to you! Book cost $13 + shipping.

Out in the Garden

Published in 2009 for the MCR Foundation, this book was created to go along with the foundations teaching about good self-esteem and the value of a healthy life. The MCR Foundation had this to say about the book:


"This delightful story, told from the perspective of bugs in a garden, is a teaching tale about the many kinds of nourishment all living things need to live and grow strong. From the bugs charming discussions as they listen to the teacher's instruction, children can learn about other kinds of food that provide more than physical nutrients. Here are lessons to encourage emotional literacy: how to verbalize fears of inadequacy, confusion, and insecurity as well as feelings of excitement and happiness; how to listen and communicate with empathy and kindness. And there are lessons about diversity and self-care -- about appreciating and celebrating the strength and beauty found in our own uniqueness. This is a wisdom tale, filled with both science and magic, about the kinds of nourishment we need to feed our bodies, our hearts, and our souls."


If you're in interested in your own copy, please contact the MCR Foundation on their website at

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